star snappers

Children are snapping famous people and each other in the biggest photography project ever

Starsnappers is new and unique. It is all about achievement through the creative process of photography. We aim to inspire and raise self-esteem through creative expression using photography and images. The children's work will form a major exhibition and will be published in a spectacular large format book.

The workshops in schools discuss portraiture and identity in images. There is an introduction to the work of a photographer and photography, including the world of digital imaging. But the main part of Starsnappers involves the children photographing each other in a professional studio. They do the photography themselves, composing the shot and clicking the shutter. Finally, some or all of them photograph a well-known personality at their school or on location.

Popstars, actors, writers, artists, politicians, sports people, TV stars and dignitaries are all taking part and famous footballers, TV personalities and MPs have already been snapped by children.